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Long Works-Incubation Platform for Enterprise Service Industry, Launched in Industry-belt Cities for Win-win Cooperation

Based on OSell’s cross-border e-commerce industrial ecosphere and by means of cross-border e-commerce industry park jointly built by two countries, long Works were  successfully founded. By taking advantage of ‘The Belt and Road’ policy, integrating e-commerce, industry park and retail business, consolidating abundant resources of large capital, large industry and large enterprise and aligning with the Big Data of the global production and marketing provided by OSell, Long Works are  making efforts to build local cross-border e-commerce industry parks and striving to create a high-efficiency market connections between domestic advantageous industries and the strong demand from abroad, thus to finally achieve the strategic layout of ‘Two Parks for Two Countries’ that has long been desired by OSell.

Positioning of Long Works Cross-border E-commerce Industry Park

Long Works Cross-border E-commerce Industry Park is a ‘modern, technological and urban’ complex with various functions (such as industry fund, Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation platform, e-commerce industry chain, boutique showcase, overseas exhibition and sales and purchase of imported goods ), aiming to cut the cost for Chinese companies to participate in cross-border e-commerce transactions, promote the upgrade (from decentralization to centralization) and transformation development (from offline to online) of Chinese traditional industries and to provide comprehensive export service, financial support and opportunities of overseas exhibition and sales for Made-in-China products.

Build Industrial Ecosystem for the Entire Cross-border Industry Chain

Long Works Industry Park is planning to select and attract a large number of companies ( that engage in industries like logistics, customs clearance, exchange settlement, payment, innovation, training and other sectors that are relevant to cross-border e-commerce industry chain) into the park, forming a comprehensive and improved enterprise cluster for the cross-border e-commerce industry chain. Based on the basic service system of the cross-border e-commerce, Long Works Industry Park will establish a modern ecosphere of cross-border e-commerce industry park constituted by online service platform and offline industry park for e-commerce incubation, service mode innovation, training for e-commerce talents, improvement of industry chain, centralized commodity exhibition and other aspects.

Domestic Layout of O Long Works Cross-border E-commerce Industry Parks

Meanwhile, OSell has established branch offices in over 20 cities in China, including Chongqing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Xuzhou, Hangzhou, Taizhou, Hefei, Guizhou, Mianyang, Qingdao, Urumqi, Karamay, Luoyang, Jiaozuo, Xi’an, Wuzhou, Datong, etc.

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