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GO Partner——Global OSell Partner

Global OSell Partner is the local firm that has business channels, government resources, investment strength and logistic resources in the local countries.

Establish local joint-venture firms with OSell, build OSell marketplace that is used to demonstrate samples and create OSell trade centers’ demonstration flagship store, jointly solving the local overseas warehouses’ setup, and through that OSell headquarter provides support of supply chain (OSupply), the whole-journey fulfillment service of orders (FBO), Internet system technology, branding management, online marketing and so on. With those supports, the GO partner exploits distributors with multi-category and multi-areas and form the online and offline channel network that based on the combination of Internet and traditional cross-border supply chain. Local firms purchase products made by global factories and provided with the all-around cross-border direct purchasing services including demonstrating, experiencing, guarantee, logistics and finance.  In the future, the channels of cross-border business and culture service can be developed, the two parties will cooperate to co-construct cross-border new business unit.

So far, Global OSell Partners have spread all over the world, including Russia, Dubai, Poland, Canada, Vietnam, Indonesia and Abu Dhabi. OSell welcomes more global partners and global alliances to join the new global business allianceto connect a great amount of Chinese manufacturing suppliers.

Cross-Border E-commerce Opportunity-Seeking B2B Platform