OSell - Cross-border ecommerce B2B opportunity seeking platform

Introduction to OSell

Company Introduction

Founded in March 2010, OSell is one of the first pilot companies (Cross-border e-commerce company) approved by China’s Ministry of Commerce; meanwhile, it  is also the official partner of Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2016 and the incubation platform that successfully turns over 15 million Chinese manufacturing companies into global well-known brands owners, global suppliers and global cross-border e-commerce firms. As the top cross-border e-commerce company and leading brand in China, OSell has been through every stage in the development of the cross-border e-commerce. In 2014, the Customs Clearance Service Platform for Cross-Border E-Commerce was launched by China’s General Administration of Customs; it was OSell that first successfully go through customs clearance for cross-border e-commerce. In the meantime, OSell is the largest platform of B2B cross-border e-commerce within the nation that Chinese manufacturing relies on to go out; OSell is also the first platform of  Cross-Border Internet of Commerce, who advocates global businesses to build a global new commerce complex through the Internet.

In the era of Internet Plus, OSell Group takes full advantage of the unlimited opportunities offered by the huge market involving a population of approx. 4.4 billion and a total economy volume of approx. 21 trillion dollars of the emerging economies and developing countries along ‘the Belt and Road’ and the rapid growth of the market; meanwhile, OSell not only makes full use of a series of favorable policies which are consecutively introduced by national authorities that have positive impact on promotion of cross-border export, but pays huge attention to the obstacles that export companies encounter in the course of developing new overseas markets and exporting in accordance with traditional export process and makes full integration of global resources that are relevant to the ‘Belt and Road’. As a result, the ‘Two Parks for Two Countries’ business mode for cross-border e-commerce is formally introduced.

By establishing OSell industrial parks for cross-border e-commerce at the gathering place of domestic industry belts and successfully constructing industry-belt cities by means of attracting investment, boutique showcase and cross-border mass entrepreneurship and innovation center, the’ Two Parks for Two Countries’ mode successfully creates the innovative foreign trade mode which consists of Cross-border B2B Intelligent  Marketplace and Cross-border B2B Branding and Trading Center, and adopts the sharing economy mode to integrate strong partners in the target market in order to build a comprehensive distribution network that fully covers the entire target market for Chinese export companies. Moreover, OSell launches the new FBO (Fulfillment By OSell), namely Full Performance Service for Cross-border Order, providing the shortest path for Made- in -China products to go abroad by providing one-stop and integrated export solutions.

So far, the three major business segments under OSell, namely Cross-border B2B Franchising Service Center, OConnect Cross-border Branding and Trading Center and OSell Industrial Park for Cross-border E-commerce, have been preliminarily formed.

Currently, OSell has established the overseas localized service offices and China-oriented brand sample experience centers in Moscow (Russia), Warsaw (Poland), Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), New Delhi (India), Toronto (Canada), Duisburg (Germany), Jakarta (Indonesia), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and other countries and regions, gathering top-level talents from home and abroad in brand, marketing, operation, logistics and channel building; in the meantime, it also set up localized overseas team to integrate all local resources from abroad. Domestically, OSell has established a large number of branch offices in major cities in China, such as Chongqing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Xuzhou, Hangzhou, Taizhou, Hefei, Guizhou, Mianyang, Qingdao, Urumqi, Karamay, Luoyang, Jiaozuo, Xi’an, Wuzhou, Datong and other cities.

‍Company Vision

Cross-border Internet of Commerce – Creator and Leader of Global New Panorama Commerce Complex

Based on the trend of economic globalization, the national strategy of ‘The Belt and Road’ and the industry transformation resulting from such strategy, the new normal of economy with higher consumption level and by cooperating with local governments in establishing the fund for cross-border e-commerce industry, OSell has been making efforts to establishing the future-ready Global New Panorama Commerce Complex by transforming e-commerce platforms and services into a highly efficient platform of Internet of Commerce, which consists of e-commerce industry park, local cross-border service platform, local industry support center for e-commerce industry park, cross-border retail center, cross-border industry park, e-commerce operation platform and integrated service for global commerce and trade.


Cross-Border E-commerce Opportunity-Seeking B2B Platform