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OSell Corporate Culture


‘Uphold righteousness and win unexpectedly; Have a broad bosom and aim high; Be passionate and innovative; Be unyielding and proud’


Uphold righteousness and win unexpectedly


 Followers of Confucianism shall undertake greater tasks through cultivation of virtue, and business people shall uphold righteousness and win with an extraordinary approach. It is the basic rule that OSell people should adhere to. What do we really mean here? It means that we shall make endeavors to achieve innovations, breakthroughs and leap-overs while always observing the objective law of the world. To put it simply, the principles for doing business are the same as for being a man. Nothing can last long if we fail to uphold righteousness, and only when we observe this law can we win in an unexpected way.

 Those who do not want to take virtuous actions will never consider making efforts to develop extraordinary approaches, and those who often seek to take unusual paths may likely walk out of the track, then the virtuous actions will become vicious actions. As Sun Tzu said in his Art of War, “In all battles, the warriors are united to fight for a righteous cause, and extraordinary tactics will be needed in order to secure victory, which, once efficiently applied, are inexhaustible as Heaven and Earth...... ” In the business field which is very much like the battlefield, some prefer to be bold and radical, while others tend to make retreat when faced with obstacles; some work diligently and make steady progress step by step, while others pursue great power and rise quickly to a higher position; some choose to win with wisdom, while others do so through wickedness. Throughout human history, those who have accomplished great undertakings in the end are unexceptionally the ones who hold fast to righteousness and start with every small accomplishment to achieve bigger goals. All OSell employees shall abide by this principle when engaged in business practices. We shall activate our inherent wisdom to develop extraordinary methods when necessary and shall not be bewildered by any temptations or illusions along the journey. We do not follow those who are anxious to achieve quick success and get instant benefits. All OSell people shall know that small tricks, deceptive or fraudulent behaviors are seen as wickedness in a slightly minor sense. The truly wise will choose to take the right path and win through extraordinary approaches. We shall either do not show our cards or once we do, we will secure advantageous positions and tackle all barriers. Each OSell person shall keep in mind that we can never play petty tricks to gain small benefits. Instead, we shall use our wisdom on being true to ourselves. Only by doing so can we return to our original nature and understand the real meaning of life. Those who can do so are the truly wise ones. 


Have a broad bosom and aim high


One trait that every OSell person shall strive to have and improve throughout his whole life is to be a person with a broad bosom and great ambitions. We see each individual OSell employee as a hero of the company. As Cao Cao said in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, “Those who can be called heroes cherish high aspirations in their bosom and have good plans to achieve them. They have a bosom that is broad enough to embrace the entire universe, and they aim so high as to intake and exhale the heaven and earth.” When relating to the work life and personal life of each OSell employee, such trait is more of an attitude towards the world and something that everyone is required to cultivate. We often find that some people will naturally complain about others or the work environment when they are faced with minor setbacks or failures of this or that kind, whether at work or in daily life. However, nothing will come out of the complaints except one result, i.e. problems remain unsolved, team morale keeps dropping, misunderstanding is created between team members, and people feel frustrated. Consequently, each team member will have no chance to demonstrate their value. The history always appraises a hero by his success or failure, that being said, if the whole team fails to achieve its goal, each team member has failed too.

  All of us shall learn to adapt to the environment, the society and lift itself but not vice versa. It is just the way it is. This requires all OSell people to have a broad bosom and aim high. We shall forget about our own interests in the team, and have the courage to admit mistakes and take responsibilities. We shall keep practicing self-denial and overturn existing ideas in order to make progress. If we want to intake more water through sponge, we need first squeeze water out of the sponge. Similarly, for those who do not have a broad bosom or aim high, how can they have the courage and strength to squeeze the “water” out of themselves in order to intake more from others? Each OSell person is required to forget about “me” and think more about “us” in the team. Even if we are fighting this battle alone, we shall dare deny ourselves, overturn our existing ideas and explore new methodology, which is impossible for those who do not have a broad bosom or aim high. Once again, this is a valuable trait we shall cultivate throughout our life.


Be passionate and innovative


Passion is the driving force of an enterprise, and innovation boosts its vitality. An enterprise shall not be forced to be passionate and innovation-driven due to external environment. Instead, it shall take the initiative and see passion and innovation as the origin of its vitality. Those who do not have passion will never seek innovation. What is passion? It originates from the joy of life. One will find the source of passion if he loves life itself. Driven by passion, one can exert great potential, both physically and mentally, to challenge himself and reach beyond his limits. Ongoing passion can only come from our indefinite love of life and our hopes for the future. Employees are the foundation of an enterprise. Without happy employees, we can never make our customers happy either. It will be impossible to enhance group solidarity, and corporate development becomes rootless. The one and only way for OSell to improve business performance and competitive strengths is to care for employees, motivate them, repay them and help them succeed.

 Being passionate and innovation-driven is the fundamental requisite for an enterprise. As the company develops, some key players who have joined the company for a longer time may have proceeded into a stage of professional fatigue, and some employees may feel less passionate about work. As the size of the company grows bigger, we will be inevitably faced with some issues, such that people get paid differently for doing the same job or due to variance in the nature of work on different positions. This requires the senior executives and key players to lay down their superior poses and change the style of management. They shall heartedly care for employees, listen to their concerns and take substantial actions to solve problems. The firewall separating senior management from employees shall be pushed over, replaced with a bridge that connects both sides so as to enhance group solidarity and fuel employee passion. Only employees who have a passion for life and career can make efforts in innovation and thus improve our productivity.     

 Passion and innovation are also the fundamental elements to safeguard the sustainable development of our undertakings. Since we are devoting ourselves to the foremost sunrise industry on this planet, we shall be bold, passionate and innovation-driven. We shall always keep our mentality one step ahead of technological development. While our rivals haven’t even set mind on some fields, we have already done it and succeeded!


Be unyielding and proud


Being unyielding and proud shall be part of the personalities of all OSell people.

The saying “as hard as a rock and as unyielding as pampas grass” refers to people who have a strong will. The key to success is nothing but persistence, firmness and relentlessness. Through painstaking efforts, we will see a broader prospect for the future. In our industry, a lot of things cannot be just created by thinking. Many business models are not new to us, but very few can make it happen. Since this is a novelty industry, we are unable to integrate existing resources. At many segments we have to try and turn our thoughts into reality. We cannot succeed in the IT industry without execution capabilities. That being said, all OSell people are required to foster a personality of being persistent and unyielding. On this journey to explore our professional dreams, we have no choices but to hold on, time and time again. All things are done by ordinary people, we may fail once, twice or even more, but we shall keep trying a thousand or ten thousand times until we succeed. Nevertheless, not everyone can do so, and that is one of the elements that determine the gap or distance between success and failure. The key to success is to do simply things repeatedly as we say repetition is the mother of learning. As long as we have a goal, know what we want, take action and never let go, it’s just a matter of time to achieve success.

 Be proud, but not vain. The word “pride” usually has a negative meaning, but we use it as a weapon in our industry. We take pride in what we are doing, and are confident in who we are. Being proud is the way we do business in OSell, but not the way we behave as a person. In this cutting edge and emerging industry, there are no existing business models for us to imitate, no precedent practitioners to draw experience from and no peer companies to compare with. In such industrial environment, we will usually hear different voices. We will be affected by these various opinions, ideas or thoughts, especially when deciding how to achieve business development, operate the business models or keep operation sustainable. At such moments, even a person or a team that used to be very confident may be crushed and swing back and forth due to interference of too many voices or authorities. In the end, nothing can be achieved. If we want to hold steady to our original methodology and stick with the right course, we shall use pride as the best weapon to protect us from all sorts of disturbance. All OSell people shall be proud of the undertaking we are engaged in, and while others are busy with debating, we have already planted our flag on the target battlefield. Only by being proud can we have the strength and courage to make substantial efforts in this sunrise industry, and to have our voice heard most while lowering all sorts of noise to the minimum. Once we are the first to plant our flag in the target battlefield, we will become the leader in the industry!  

 We can be proud as we uphold righteousness, we have passion and the capacity to achieve innovation, we keep enhancing our competitive strengths, we have gained access to accurate business information, we have fostered unyielding personality, and we have a broad bosom and cherish high ambitions.

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