OSell - Cross-border ecommerce B2B opportunity seeking platform

Introduction to OSell's Elite Team

Team History

OSell was founded in 2010 by Mr. Kevin Fenn and a team of elites. All of the major team members have years of experience of study, work and living in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan and other countries. Mr. Fenn has successfully established a large-scale network community and international online transaction platform abroad and has gained a very excellent performance record in software outsourcing, marketing of shareware, value-added service for games, online sales of physical products, associated offshore service outsourcing and other areas. Based on the valuable overseas experience, strong industry background and sophisticated knowledge system, OSell has overcome several significant obstacles impressively. Moreover, by creating an O2O e-commerce path to the overseas retail market for Made-in-China products, OSell has notably built a global localized bridge for a huge number of Chinese companies and producers.

Team’s Current Status

Currently, OSell has built a high quality team consisting of top-level technician experts, corporation management experts, financial management experts and salespersons experienced in international e-commerce marketing. All of them possess rich practical and management experience in the international e-commerce field. All the team members have proficient knowledge of the industry and have a very excellent understanding and estimate of the international online sales industry and its markets, thus enabling themselves to seize and capture the development trend of the markets and to have true passion and faith in the industry of international e-commerce. Moreover, our elite team is a very active and positive team with a strong sense of social responsibility. The members in the sections of technology R&D, marketing, operation management and customer service have bravely survived the challenge and test from markets, making them much advanced with enhanced rallying power and combat capability.

Chairman and CEO of OSell: Kevin Fenn

Kevin Fenn, Chairman and CEO of OSell, representative figure of China’s cross-border e-commerce industry and Internet entrepreneur

Kevin graduated from Tongji University in architecture major. Upon graduation, he went to McGill University to further his study in Computer Science. In the 1990s, Kevin founded the first private-operated IP telephone network of China, accounting for over 70% of the market shares of IP telephone over that period. Later, Kevin founded the network community Aimoo in Canada, ranking top 5 in three consecutive years among North America’s network forums in terms of network traffic. Moreover, OSell, founded in 2010 by Kevin, has developed to be the largest cross-border B2B opportunity-seeking platform in China.

In 2010, with the abundant capital accumulated from years’ operations, Kevin, together with a team of overseas-returned elites who have rich experience in system development and operation, jointly founded OSell, the first cross-border e-commerce company of China. After successful development for several years, OSell has become the largest cross-border e-commerce O2O transaction platform in China and has established over 10 branch offices in major countries, such as Russia, the U.S., Canada, Australia, India, Brazil, etc. Beyond the mentioned great results, OSell has expanded its business reach into over 200 countries and regions and has over 1, 000 employees from China and abroad.



Cross-Border E-commerce Opportunity-Seeking B2B Platform