OSell - Cross-border ecommerce B2B opportunity seeking platform

OSell Group Strategy

Three circles in one: the gene of ‘Internet +’and ‘new business’ define new value of cross-border trade

By integrating resources and system operation, OSell establishes ‘overseas mature channels circle’ ‘China overcapacity circle’ to create a ‘cross-border online and offline service ecosphere’. Through the ‘Three circles in one’ model, sharing economy and interconnecting, it creates new global dream of 'made in China'.

‘Two Countries for Two Parks’: Global business network creates cross-border new business unit

Strategy ofTwo Countries for Two parks’ builds cross-border ecommerce as a mutual benefit model of ‘sharing economy’, which is based on OSell group’s cross-border ecommerce industry ecosphere. It connects domestic competitive industries with overseas blue market that in great needs through the synergy of OSell group’s big data and coordinates interest relationship between countries with the two localized ecological chain in the way of cross-border ecommerce industry Park established by two countries.

One plane two wings: the new business cross-border interconnects

As the global localization develops rapidly nowadays, traditional global industry belt needs the global business service platform urgently, and interconnects rapidly with global localized channels; at the era of digital economy, it is reflected as the business networking, the big data service platform of global business; OSell’s ‘One plane two wings’ is establishing the new business interconnecting service economy under the new era.

Three layers of value: Periodic reflect of new business unit’s business value

Cross-Border E-commerce Opportunity-Seeking B2B Platform