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New Hotspot of Boao Forum for Asia, Cross-border E-commerce Helps Firms to'Sell Globally'

Cross-border e-commerce, under the promotion of eWTP and the new tax policy for it, becomes the hot topic for this year’s Boao Forum for Asia (BFA). Kevin Fenn, founder of OSell (BFA’s cooperative partner), received wide attention for his OSell Cross-border B2B Franchising Service Center, which provides Chinese enterprises with information about overseas needs.

As stated by Mr. Fenn, founder and CEO of OSell, countries and regions alongside ‘The Belt and Road’ have more diversified demands for “Made in China” than that of the European and American markets, ranging from large furniture and vehicles to small hardware parts. Almost each domestic industrial belt city could be designated to a certain country.
      As indicated, the OSell Cross-border B2B Franchising Service Center built by OSell relies on the online business information exchange platform of OSELL APP, builds the offline sharing platform of business space exchange, integrates overseas retail spaces for Chinese suppliers and provides trial sales in overseas retail stores. By timely feedback from the Internet of overseas demands, bidding data and analysis of local consumption Big Data, it expands overseas channels for domestic excellent industry belts, solves urgent issues such as expensive costs in cross-border purchase or occupation of too much capital in such purchase for channel sellers (i.e. overseas small and medium offline retailer, online e-business, small and medium wholesaler and special buyer) in a thorough manner and realizes an effective exchange between excellent Chinese capacity and overseas demands.

In the conference with global entrepreneurs during BFA, Premier Li, upon hearing Mr. Fenn’s proposal on facilitating the upgrade of the manufacturing industry using Big Data through the OSell Cross-border B2B Franchising Service Center, said that the practice of OSell in establishing a platform connecting global small and medium enterprises with “Made in China” and the idea of using Big Data to solve excess capacities are of great significance.

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