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Wuzhen Summit|Kevin Fenn Talks about Cross-Border E-commerce under‘New Made in China’

From November 16 to November 18, the 3rd World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit (“WIC”) was held under wide expectations. Mr. Kevin Fenn, Chairman and CEO of OSell (domestic leading enterprise in cross-border e-commerce) was invited to attend the WIC. Mr. Fenn delivered a keynote speech in the China-Europe Digital Economy Forum and shared OSell's attempt in facilitating the transformation and upgrade of Made-in-China using digital economy, which was well received by the attending guests.

Mr. Fenn stated in his speech that OSell has been trying to provide China cross-border B2B mode with localized service and security system in foreign countries via the Internet. By using the Internet to integrate China's excellent industrial belts, global mature channel resources and localized service network, OSell intends to achieve cooperation and mutual success through the Internet for businesses on both sides and construct a new global business alliance based on ‘Internet +’.

Mr. Kevin Fenn said that, domestic manufacturing industry is currently confronted with the problem of overcapacity while at the same time, effective demands around the world are not sufficiently satisfied. Connecting China’s excellent industrial resources with mature channel circles worldwide using the Internet is both an opportunity and a challenge for China's cross-border e-commerce and manufacturing industries.

Based on the OSell Cross-border B2B Franchising Service Center and the online business information exchange platform of OSELL APP, OSell not only solves global localization, but also, and more importantly, provides information feedbacks on overseas markets to China's manufacturers via interconnection of Big Data, which transforms such manufacturers into independent brand owners who fully understand the needs of buyers and helps them to transform and upgrade under the guidance of demands in the buyers' market.


Cross-Border E-commerce Opportunity-Seeking B2B Platform