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OSell and Great Way Focus on US Market to Accelerate Global Expansion

OSell recently announced its intention to conduct full strategic cooperation with US-based Great Way Trading & Transportation, Inc. (Great Way) to jointly explore the market of North America and expedite its layout in the global market.

Great Way is the first US customs agency with an origin in Mainland China and is currently the only freight company providing full-scale service between China and the US. It is also the only new type of company undertaking international trade, freight and technological integration services, including freight, import and export customs declaration, logistics, legal and tax consultation services for domestic companies, and professional services in terms of market, financing, plant construction and joint investment for the commercialization of high-tech and innovative products of small-and medium-sized enterprises.

Preliminary cooperation of both parties is known to include the following: firstly, OSell provides guidance on establishing the business mode and integrates resources in China’s industrial chain, while Great Way fully exploits its storage network covering the entire US and its capacity in integrating local resources, jointly building a large market for cross-border e-commerce in the US; secondly, both parties may set up a joint venture company in the US to provide Chinese manufacturing enterprises with services including brand, legal consultation, optimized customs declaration and localization promotion, based on the sharing of localized resources; thirdly, both parties plan to cooperate with the Chinese Enterprise Association (CEA) Center to establish the Sino-America E-commerce Association in the future so as to provide a wider range of services for Chinese enterprises entering the US market.

In particular, this cooperation marks the first attempt of OSell in the North America market after it gains certain dominance in the emerging market and is also an important step for OSell to further explore its global layout and accelerate the construction of OSell Cross-border B2B Franchising Service Center.

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