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OSell invited to Attend “Big Data Expo”: Sparks between Big Data and Cross-border E-commerce

From May 25 to May 29, the 2nd China Big Data Industry Summit & China E-Commerce Innovation and Development Summit (“Big Data Expo”) was held in Guiyang. OSell, as the representative enterprise of cross-border e-commerce attended the Summit. In the Big Data Expo, founder and CEO of OSell Kevin Fenn referred to his global dream of using his own cross-border Big Data to create values for manufacturing enterprises and help 15 million Chinese enterprises to achieve the new “Made in China” objective.

At present, OSell relies on its independently developed cross-border customs Big Data center and the technology of Internet of Things and uses its OSell Cross-border B2B Franchising Service Center to collect active data of purchasers within the Center, including visitor count, popular product, etc. OSell then integrates the data collected with mass consumption data including orders and logistics information, and provides real-time feedback to domestic manufacturing enterprises after processing of the Big Data platform, which allows such export manufacturing enterprises to conduct customized R&D and production based on the needs of overseas customers.

Mr. Fenn said that investing too much funds in Big Data would be unnecessary for manufacturing enterprises because the only data useful to them are the one that could create values. The intention of OSell’s Big Data service is to provide such useful data of overseas market to enterprises, but that’s not all. What we really want is to take advantage of the platform and base of “Two Countries for Two Parks” to incubate a batch of cross-border e-commerce enterprises in Guizhou and China and to facilitate the transformation and growth of “Made in China” using Big Data and cross-border e-commerce.


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