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NDRC Chairman XU Shaoshi Visits OSell

On October 10, a group led by XU Shaoshi, Chairman of NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission), visited OSell in Chongqing OSell Factory Cross-border E-commerce Industry Park, accompanied by Mr. Kevin Fenn, Chairman of OSell, and other directors of related departments.

In the exhibition hall of OSell Factory The Belt and Road Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe Cross-border E-commerce Ecological Park, Chairman XU, along with other group members watched the grand events of The China-Russia E-commerce Summit and Chongqing Jiangjin Exhibition Moscow Station. Upon hearing the news that over 40 Chongqing enterprises participated in these events in Moscow and that enterprises including Bashan Motor signed agreements on site, Chairman XU expressed his recognition over the model that helped ‘Made in Chongqing’ to successfully enter the Russian market.

Chairman XU pointed out that, ‘Through the visit, I see Chongqing enterprises, such as OSell, have achieved preliminary success through their innovative works and entrepreneurship. It is hard to start a new business and still harder to make innovations. But your confidence and pursuit for development have really impressed me. We need to adopt an innovative mentality to solve our problems, in particular, the payment of cross-border e-commerce referred to by OSell. Innovation and entrepreneurship, and ‘Internet +’ have all met the tide of the times and we must stick to them.’ In the end, he encouraged OSell and other Chongqing enterprises to broaden their businesses with confidence and achieve larger accomplishment in their own areas.

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