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Toronto Mayor Visited Chongqing and Compared OSell to Google

On April 11, 2016, Mayor of Toronto (Canada) Tory and his delegation visited and exchanged views with OSell. Toronto is reported to be one of the first destinations designated by OSell to construct OSell Cross-border B2B Franchising Service Centers, and the primary intention of Mayor Tory’s visit is to actually inspect the cross-border e-commerce industry circle built by OSell.

During the inspection, Mayor Tory showed great interests towards OSell Cross-border B2B Franchising Service Center and after knowing the details of OSell, Mayor Tory spoke highly of OSell and praised OSell to be as powerful as Google. He said that OSell’s entering into Toronto would certainly bring new impetus to the bilateral trade between China and Canada and to the development of local economy in Toronto. 

In the exchange conference, Mayor Tory made a special remark. He said that after visiting OSell today he found OSell is no weaker than those IT companies in the Silicon Valley, such as Google. OSell is filled with passion and energy and gives him the sense of Internet of the 21st century everywhere he goes. What he likes the most is the Ping-Pong table in the activity room and he would like to play if possible.

In the end, OSell formed a preliminary intention with Mayor Tory and his delegation concerning the construction of a Canada-based OSell Cross-border B2B Franchising Service Center in China by OSell in the future, bringing the inspection to a perfect conclusion. 

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