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MOFCOM Recognizes OSell’s Foreign Trade Volume over USD 700 Million in a Single Month

On the afternoon of January 13, Special Commissioner of MOFCOM (Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China) FANG Wei led a group to visit Chongqing and inspect OSell, a cross-border e-commerce enterprise. Party members and leaders including Deputy Director XIONG Lin from Chongqing Foreign Economic Trade Committee, Chairman Kevin Fenn of OSell and other enterprises managers accompanied Commissioner FANG in the inspection. The inspection group highly praised the innovative development mode of OSell and enterprises within the OSell Factory Cross-border E-commerce Industry Park.

‘How does OSell provide ‘one-stop’ service?’ Commissioner FANG asked after visiting the exhibition hall of ‘The Belt and Road Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe’ Cross-border E-commerce Ecological Park.

Mr. Kevin Fenn replied that, ‘relying on the online business information exchange platform of OSELL APP and offline OSell Cross-border B2B Franchising Service Center, OSell provides opportunities for Chinese suppliers to conduct trial sales in overseas retail stores, and by timely feedback of the Big Data of overseas market from the Internet, it expands overseas channels for domestic excellent industry belts, solves urgent issues such as expensive costs in cross-border purchase or occupation of too much capital in such purchase for channel sellers in a thorough manner and realizes an effective exchange between excellent Chinese capacity and overseas demands.’ Commissioner FANG nodded along and said,‘OSell Cross-border B2B Franchising Service Center is a new type of exploration. With considerate service, we would have more market opportunities in the future’

In the conference that followed the visit, Mr. Fenn reported to the inspection group about the business mode of OSell and recent achievements in foreign trade. In December alone, OSell’s export volume exceeded USD 700 million and over USD 500 million was from Chongqing alone, breaking the records of export volume in China and Chongqing for a single month, which received high praises from Commissioner FANG.



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