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MOFCOM ChinaTrade Representative ZHONG Shan Visited OSell and Praised Its Innovative Mode

On the afternoon of February 24, China International Trade Representative of MOFCOM (Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China) Zhong Shan inspected OSell. Deputy Mayor of Chongqing Municipal Government Chen Lyuping and other leaders from Chongqing Foreign Economic Trade Committee, Chairman of OSell Kevin Fenn and managers of Chongqing Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (Group) Co., Ltd., Chongqing RATO Power Co., Ltd. and other enterprises accompanied Representative ZHONG in the inspection and an exchange conference was held afterwards.

An instructor explained the operation of OSELL APP to the inspection group


In the exhibition hall of ‘The Belt and Road Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe’ Cross-border E-commerce Ecological Park, Mr. Fenn introduced to the inspection group about OSELL APP and the building of OSell Cross-border B2B Franchising Service Centers in main countries and cities alongside ‘The Belt and Road’. While listening, Representative Zhong further asked about the operation of OSell Cross-border B2B Franchising Service Center, the online-offline interaction of OSELL APP and the mechanism for Chinese merchants to contact foreign businessmen and realize cross-border trading using OSELL APP.

Representative Zhong then summarized the reasons for Chongqing, a city without real geographical advantages, to achieve such rapid development in foreign trade in recent years. First, it’s due to the support from and the sound environment created by Chongqing Municipal Party Committee and Government; second, it’s the efforts of innovative entrepreneurs in Chongqing, such as OSell. Innovation and entrepreneurship are the themes for development, and the development practices of excellent enterprises could provide certain guidance and be popularized.

Representative ZHONG Shan gave a speech in the exchange conference

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